Why The Fate of the Furious is a good movie

    Why The Fate of the Furious is a good movie

  • 1 Many funny moments

    The Fate of the Furious has many funny moments, which classifies it as a comedy movie as well as an action movie.

  • 2 Intense action

    Fast and Furious 8 has intense action that is not just based on cars. The movie is full of action from the beginning to the end.

  • 3 Interesting plot twist

    The movie has a very interesting plot twist and the events are well organized that everything makes a lot of sense in the end.

  • 4 Very good fight scenes

    The movie has very good fight scenes with some serious martial arts, especially by Jason Statham and The Rock.

  • 5 The movie is very thrilling

    The movie is a very thrilling one. The car chase scenes are taken to new levels with the introduction of a submarine chasing cars on thin ice.

  • 6 It's not that ridiculous

    One of the drawbacks of the old parts of the series were the ridiculous stunts. While The Fate of the Furious has some bizarre and ridiculous things, it's still more believable than most of the previous parts.

  • 7 It is very emotional

    The movie highlights the emotional connection between Dom and his family. The movie is full of emotional moments and isn't just based on action.

  • 8 Good music

    The movie has some good music that made its scenes more thrilling.

  • 9 Jason Statham is not a villian

    Jason Statham joined forces with the team and didn't become a villain. This made the movie even more interesting and appealing to Jason Statham's fans.

  • 10 The actors did a very good job

    The movie has a lot of great actors, all of which did a very good job to make the movie more believable.

  • 11 The Rock is more of a superman

    The Rock was portrayed as someone on the line between a human and a super human. His fight scenes were very exciting, as he did many new stunts. 

  • 12 It contains many novel ideas

    Fast and Furious 8 is not a replica of the older parts of the series. The movie has novel ideas, unexpected stunts and unthinkable twists.

  • 13 Shocking stunts

    Fast and Furious 8 has some shocking and new stunts. The movie has managed to not copy its old parts and thus it became more interesting.