Why some people believe the Apple Watch will succeed

    Why some people believe the Apple Watch will succeed

  • 1 Apple products were always expensive

    Every time Apple releases a product, people argue that it's very expensive then people end up buying it. While some people think that the Apple watch is expensive, others think that it's perfectly aligned with Apple's pricing strategy.

  • 2 The Pebble watch was successful

    The Pebble watch, one of the first smart watches to be sold, showed that people have a big interest in smart watches and that the smart watch market could grow in the next few years. Some people cite the success of Pebble when saying that the Apple watch will succeed.

  • 3 Almost all Apple products got harsh criticism

    Some people say that criticism is normal. According to those people, almost all Apple products got harsh criticism as soon as they were released. The fact that some people criticized the Apple watch doesn't mean that it is not going to be a successful product.

  • 4 People who own an iPhone are very likely to buy it

    Some people say that the ones who own iPhones will have strong reasons to buy the watch. Because so many people have iPhones, those people assume that the watch sales will surge (See why some people love iPhones).

  • 5 It has a perfect design

    Like all Apple products, the watch looks neat. While some people commented on the design of the Apple Watch, so many people liked the way it looks (See why Apple has high quality standards).

  • 6 People love to show off

    An expensive product could turn into an advantage. Many people like to show off, and the fact that buying an expensive Watch allows those people to show their wealth can push sales forward.

  • 7 Watches aren't there to tell time

    Some people argue that watches aren't there to tell time, but they are there because people want to show them to others. A typical person can know the time through his phone, yet he still wears a watch because it looks fashionable.

  • 8 It will reduce the number of times people check their phones

    In one study, it was claimed that a person glances at his iPhone more than 110 times a day. If the Apple watch helped a person check his notifications in seconds without having to glance at his phone, it might be a big success.

  • 9 People who start with the watch might buy an iPhone

    If a person liked the Apple Watch and bought it before owning an iPhone then he will be very likely to buy the latter. Some people think that the Apple watch will push the sales of other Apple products, especially the iPhone.

  • 10 The future belongs to technology

    Some people argue that the future belongs to technology, and that at some point, smart watches are going to replace traditional watches completely just like computers replaced typewriters.

  • 11 The wearables market is growing fast

    Some people argue that the Apple watch will succeed because the wearables market has already gained momentum, and that the Apple watch is the best product in that market.

  • 12 The Apple brand is very powerful

    Some people argue that the watch will succeed based on the power of Apple's brand (See the importance of branding).

  • 13 Apple's vision was proven right many times before

    With the release of many of its products, Apple had a certain vision and this vision proved true with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Some people believe that the iWatch is based on Apple's solid vision, which usually works.