Why some people hate receiving compliments

  • 1 They have low self-esteem

    People who have low self-esteem often feel uncomfortable when they receive compliments, as they think what is said to them is not true. 

  • 2 It contradicts the image they have of themselves

    People who hate receiving compliments might feel this way because the compliments they receive don't match the image they have of themselves. 

  • 3 It makes them feel pressured

    Some people don't like receiving compliments because it makes them feel that they must always live up to this praise, which puts them under pressure. 

  • 4 They have low self-confidence

    Having low self-confidence can make a person not like receiving compliments, as they believe they are not worthy of it. 

  • 5 They fear disappointment

    A person might hate receiving compliments as it means they must be careful not to disappoint the people around them and always maintain the image they like. 

  • 6 They never received them as children

    Some people hate receiving compliments because they weren't used to getting them as children, which makes them feel uncomfortable and confused when they start receiving them as adults or teenagers. 

  • 7 They think it's fake

    Some people may hate receiving compliments if they feel the person saying them is being fake and insincere. 

  • 8 They don't know how to react

    People who don't know how to respond to a compliment may feel uncomfortable receiving them, as it puts them in an awkward situation where they don't know what to say in return. 

  • 9 They have social anxiety

    People who have social anxiety are likely to hate receiving compliments, as it can trigger their anxiety and make them feel self-conscious. 

  • 10 They're shy

    Shy people usually don't feel comfortable receiving compliments, as they hate being the center of attention. 

  • 11 They suffer from depression

    People who suffer from depression can feel bad when they receive compliments due to the negativity that is prevalent in their lives. 

  • 12 They don't like the person saying it

    Some people might hate receiving compliments from specific people whom they don't like. 

  • 13 They feel used

    Some people hate receiving compliments when they feel there's a reason behind them such as asking for a big favor right after.