Why some people don't like Westworld

    Why some people don't like Westworld

  • 1 Too much nudity

    Some people don't like Westworld because it's not a family show. The show contains too many nude scenes and main characters appear nude in almost every episode.

  • 2 It's a violent show

    Westworld has a lot of violence and gore. Even though most of the violence is done to robots, those robots still look like humans and so can provoke normal emotions of viewers as if they were humans. See why some people like violence and gore.

  • 3 Many sexual scenes

    Westword it not suitable for children because it contains many sexual scenes and promotes sexual violence. Because humans are free to do whatever they want to the robots, or the hosts, the show contains lots of sexual scenes.

  • 4 Twisted views about creation

    According to the show, technology became so advanced that humans started creating robots that are identical to humans, including the ability to have emotions. Many religious people find the show offensive as it goes against their core religious beliefs.

  • 5 It promotes homosexuality

    The show promotes homosexuality through the different scenes it contains. Because everything in Westworld is possible, real humans come to fulfill their desires in all possible ways. See why some people dislike Game of Thrones.

  • 6 Support of evolution

    Many religious people dislike shows that try to make a point that evolution is a scientific fact. Westworld implies that humans were created as a result of evolution.

  • 7 Promotes violence against women

    Westworld has a lot of scenes that promote violence against women. Even though the scenes are supposed to have robots in them, they still resemble true humans and are done by human actors.

  • 8 It lacks proper ethics

    The main concept of the show is that humans go to Westworld to abuse robots that resemble humans the way they want. This raises many ethical concerns since those robots are shown to have human emotions, and as a result, they suffer too much because of the daily abuse.

  • 9 Humans are given the role of God

    Some humans like Dr. Robert are given the roles of Gods where they can control the robots, change their emotions or even wipe their memories if they want to. Some conservative people find that concept twisted.

  • 10 Lack of significant characters

    While Westworld has so many characters, most of them aren't good enough to give people a reason to support them or keep watching the episodes for them. Some people said that the characters are weak compared to those of Game of Thrones. See why Game of Thrones is popular.

  • 11 The show is very dark

    Westword is considered a very dark show. Robots, that have emotions, keep suffering everyday in all possible ways just because some real humans want to play games in a theme park.

  • 12 Great story but bad execution

    Some people think that Westworld has a great story but a lot of wasted potential. According to those people, the plot twist is interesting and mysterious but could have been executed in a better way.