Why some men don't like shopping

  • 1 They get bored

    Many men think of shopping as a boring activity that they prefer not to do.

  • 2 They are forced to go with their partner

    Men usually dislike shopping when they are forced to go with their girlfriends or wives. See Why do women like shopping

  • 3 They only buy what they need

    Men aren't fond of shopping because they usually go buy the one item they need without spending too much time. 

  • 4 They have better things to do

    Some men prefer to do other things in their free time such as playing Play Station or hanging out with their friends.

  • 5 They don't need a lot of clothes

    Men don't think it's necessary to go shopping since they don't need to have a lot of clothes.

  • 6 They don't care about fashion trends

    Most men don't care about the latest fashion trends, and thus don't think it's necessary to go shopping for clothes frequently.

  • 7 They think it's time-consuming

    Some men think the activity of shopping is time-consuming and that they could be doing something more useful instead.

  • 8 They think it's for women

    Some men consider shopping an activity done mostly by women.

  • 9 They hate crowded places

    Some men dislike crowded places such as shopping malls and prefer to stay away from them.

  • 10 They get tired

    Some men easily get tired of walking around while looking for things to buy.

  • 11 They don't care about the way they look

    Some men generally don't care about how they look and don't put much effort into the things they buy.

  • 12 They think it's too expensive

    Some men think going shopping will make them spend a lot of money on clothes that they might not actually need.

  • 13 They don't like trying on clothes

    Some men dislike shopping mainly because they don't like fitting rooms and trying on clothes.