Why some farts smell so bad

    Why some farts smell so bad

  • 1 It's not yours

    People tend to find the smells of their own farts more tolerable because of familiarity and the low probability that the bacteria coming from their own bodies can harm them. People tend to find the farts of others smellier.

  • 2 Your food contained sulfur

    Certain foods contain a lot of sulfur such as broccoli, cabbage, onions and eggs. When sulfur is digested inside the stomach by the bacteria inside your body, the stinky hydrogen sulfide gas is produced. This gas creates the very bad smell of some farts.

  • 3 Lactose intolerance

    If you get smelly farts after eating dairy products then you might have lactose intolerance. In such a case, the smelly farts indicate that your body is having a hard time digesting the food.

  • 4 Irritable bowel syndrome

    Contrary to common beliefs, smelly farts indicate that you are a healthy person, for they mean that you digest food properly. However, in extreme cases where those smelly farts happen often, it might mean that you have an irritable bowel syndrome problem.

  • 5 It means you are healthy

    If the smelly farts are not frequent then this could be a sign that you are a healthy person with a healthy digestive system. See why Farts are funny.

  • 6 You ate bad food

    If you eat bad food, containing lots of harmful bacteria ,for example, then you might get very smelly farts until the digestive process is over.

  • 7 You don't eat enough fiber

    If you don't encourage bowel movement by eating lots of fibers then the sulfur containing food might remain in your intestines for some time, and so result in stinkier gasses.

  • 8 Gastroenteritis

    An infection such as gastroenteritis, which usually results from bacterial toxins or viral infection, might result in smelly farts.

  • 9 Celiac disease

    Celiac disease, a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, can lead to difficulty in digestion which in turn can result in smelly farts.

  • 10 Consuming too many carbs

    Sugar and starch easily ferment thus creating smelly farts. This is why consuming too many carbs can cause smelly farts.

  • 11 Excessive enzymes

    The excessive amount of enzymes in the intestines can contribute to smelly farts. This is why some people might get smelly farts from some foods, while others might not.