Why some Youtubers are depressed

  • 1 They get too much hate

    Any successful Youtuber usually gets too much hate in the form of negative comments on their videos. Being continuously exposed to hate statements can make someone feel bad about themselves.

  • 2 They are under constant pressure

    Many Youtubers feel pressured all the time to respond to comments and to see what others are saying about them. Depression can happen to those who can't handle that type of pressure. See why Youtubers disable comments.

  • 3 They are normal people

    Youtubers are normal people. They are subject to depression just like anybody else. The fact that some Youtubers are open about their mental health issues might make some people think that all Youtubers get depressed.

  • 4 The pressure to succeed

    Many Youtubers are put under pressure to maintain their same level of success and to grow it even more. Any change to the Youtuber's level of success might make them depressed. See why do people get depressed.

  • 5 They have other unmet needs

    According to psychologists, if a person has important psychological needs that are not satisfied by fame or money then the person could still get depressed. See why some rich people are unhappy.

  • 6 They develop body image issues

    Because of the negative comments many Youtubers get about their looks from mentally unstable and hateful people, many of them develop body image problems. Body image problems can easily lead to depression if not handled properly.

  • 7 They aren't being themselves

    Many Youtubers have created certain identifies that they expose to others on cameras that have nothing to do with their real personalities. The kind of pressure of acting like someone you are not can create bad emotions and lead to depression.

  • 8 Fear of losing fame

    Many Youtubers develop anxieties and fears about losing their current level of success. For some of them, the anxieties become intolerable and then lead to depression.

  • 9 They were already depressed

    Many people decide to become Youtubers because they were already depressed. As those people become famous, their depression remains and so it seems to others that they got depressed later on.

  • 10 They aren't doing what they wanted to do

    Some Youtubers love their work, while others feel that they got stuck doing things that they didn't really want to do. Those Youtubers sometimes think of quitting, but the fact that they are very successful prevents them from doing so.