Why many people love Gregory House despite being obnoxious

    Why many people love Gregory House despite being obnoxious

  • 1 He had a remarkable sense of humor

    Many people admire House's weird sense of humor. The way he used to tease his staff and interfere in everybody's personal life (especially Taub & Thirteen), the banters he kept throwing at Cuddy and the witty remarks he used to gave his patients, all gave House's character a huge number of fans.

  • 2 His cockiness was admirable

    His pride, insisting on doing what he likes to do and the way he carried himself with a sense of cockiness and confidence gave the character lots of fans

  • 3 His unorthodox behavior

    Playing video games in a patient's room, playing guitar at 5 AM, hiring someone to investigate his friend's love life.

  • 4 Because he is very smart

    It's not bragging when you can back it up. Being supper smart, and making a whole team of elite doctors look like a bunch of helpless little kids added to Gregory House's character. He messes with people and he's the one who saves when nobody can. That made him indispensable.

  • 5 He had a great ability to spot lies

    People admire those who acquire the skills they yearn to learn. One of these skills is spotting lies. House gave himself an aura and a sense of mystery with his distinct way in reading people and spotting lies. He made many wish they could be like him.

  • 6 He was a master in verbal self defense

    The character's verbal and intellectual skills were so great that made him seem unable to get caught with his obnoxious style in replying back and deflecting verbal bombs.

  • 7 House didn't appear as needy

    Lots of people consider themselves needy and hate it; this was enough reason for many of them to admire the fact that House rarely appears needy in front of people despite his love for Cuddy or his friendship with Wilson. Even when he cared, he preferred to be mean rather than look genuine.

  • 8 He didn't care about other's opinions

    Although many of House's actions and decisions were inappropriate people liked them so much since they conveyed freedom and not giving a damn, which are things people love to feel but fear acting on them as a result of being obliged to abide by strict social standards and rules.

  • 9 Despite having an attitude, he wasn't evil

    He is mean but still kind which doesn't give the audience too many reasons to hate him. Probably, the only person he harmed the most was himself.

  • 10 Some people identified with his pain

    Many people felt compassionate and identified with House's pain, both physical (leg disability) and emotional (depression, addictive behavior and childhood issues and family problems).

  • 11 He always manages to get away with what he does

    Be it spying on his best friend or pretending to be gay to touch his neighbor's breasts, House always managed to get away with whatever he did. This is something many people fantasize about for so long.

  • 12 Some people don't like nice guys

    Men, more than women show admiration towards the character of Gregory House since many of them are shy, hate weakness or admire power as a sign for how real men should behave. Men admire house because he radiates power and men love power.

  • 13 The way he uses his face when he's talking or making fun of somebody

    People who feel socially anxious rarely use many facial expressions to express their feelings. Their faces are close to being monotonous (sometimes rigid or bashfully smiling) rather than relaxed. House was the opposite, with his skill at transmitting whatever he felt with his face in a fun way.

  • 14 His lack of responsibility

    House's life seemed at ease and with no responsibilities. The man wore what he wanted, slept wherever he wanted with whoever he wanted with no children and no relationship attachments. He made a lot of money too, which gave him the freedom to do what he wanted.

  • 15 The way the show was written made the character look more tolerable than it really is

    Many people who love the TV show may find themselves having a bad time when dealing with someone close to Gregory's personality in real life. People became more compassionate with House since they have seen different parts of his personality. Such info is not available in real life.