Why is Super Bowl so Popular

    Why is Super Bowl so Popular

  • 1 It's the most Important NFL event

    The Super Bowl event determines the champion of NFL. It's the most important NFL event that takes place in the year.

  • 2 NFL is very popular

    NFL is very popular in the united states. Most NFL fans watch the Super Bowl to know who will be the champion. See Why NFL is popular.

  • 3 The festivals surrounding the game

    Even the people who aren't into the game get attracted by the celebrations and the festivals surrounding the game.

  • 4 The day became an unofficial holiday

    The Super Bowl Sunday is a day where people gather with their friends and families to eat , drink, enjoy the show, the festivals and even the commercials. See why Super Bowl ads are expensive.

  • 5 Most Major TV channels show the game

    Most Major sports channels in the US show the game. Many people have a chance to watch the game because of the variety of channels displaying it. 

  • 6 The hype before the game

    The Hype that precedes the game on the different media channels helps attract the attention of more people to the game. 

  • 7 Peer Pressure

    Over 100 million Americans watched the Super Bowl in 2014. As a result of peer pressure many people , even those who aren't interested in Football, watch the Super Bowl. See the effect of peer pressure

  • 8 To enjoy eating

    The Super Bowl day has became more of a social event where people find the excuse to eat whatever they want while ignoring their diets. Many people compare the day to going to a party.

  • 9 Some people get attracted by the commericals

    Some people get attracted to the Super Bowl by the interesting commercials that show up during the game. in 2014 the 30 second slot cost around $4.5 million dollars.

  • 10 People in different countries started watching it

    As the Game started getting broadcasted to many countries in different languages some non Americans have became interested in the Super Bowl as well.