Why Google Plus never took off

    Why Google Plus never took off

  • 1 No compelling reasons to leave Facebook

    In order for a person to abandon his social network of friends and start building a new one, he needs a compelling reason. While Google+ had some nice features, none of them were compelling enough for most people to stop using Facebook and start over (See why Facebook succeeded).

  • 2 Small percentage of active users

    Google acquired many users fast, but most of those users weren't active. Most people weren't interested in posting anything on a social network that doesn't reward them with fast likes, shares and comments (See why do people share things online).

  • 3 Too much anticipation

    Google+ marketing team built a lot of anticipation in the early days of Google plus, especially when they limited registration to the users who were invited for a long period of time. People's expectations got higher then they were disappointed when they didn't notice any serious changes.

  • 4 Unfamiliar concepts

    When people moved from Friendster and myspace to Facebook they found an easy to understand environment with familiar concepts. Google+ features such as +1, Circles and hangouts didn't seem familiar to many users.

  • 5 Google plus was designed to meet Google's needs

    Google plus was designed to meet Google's needs not the visitors' needs. The company used Google+ to organize its data, to enter web 2.0 and to connect their products together, but they didn't focus on what people actually wanted (See how to find the missing needs in a market).

  • 6 The G+ team got very pushy

    After sometime Google was literally forcing people to use google plus or face their wrath. Want your site to rank well on google? Then let your Page get more +1. Want to use youtube? Then you must have a Google+ profile. They got too pushy and caused many users to hate them.

  • 7 Why Google didn't shut down Google+

    Because Google is gaining so many other benefits from Google+, apart from the initial Goal of competing with Facebook. In the book 'How Google works' Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, said that Google was benefiting from Google plus in other ways.

  • 8 Google Plus doesn't compete directly with Facebook

    While it was marketed as a direct competitor of Facebook, Google Plus actually doesn't compete directly with Facebook because it doesn't cover the most important user needs.

  • 9 Nothing to do there

    While Facebook opened the door for Gaming, developers and third party apps, Google plus remained boring with almost nothing to do but share things.

  • 10 Business profile interface is very confusing

    Business profile interface is not intuitive and services are spread across many different websites and layouts. Some similar services require double profiles to make them function and so on. Google acknowledges this as an issue and is trying to fix it with detailed help pages.