Why Google Panda slapped quality sites

    Why Google Panda slapped quality sites

  • 1 The algorithm is always evolving

    Since it's arrival in 2011, the Panda algorithm kept getting enhanced and updated. At any point of time the algorithm might not be accurate enough to rank all quality websites. See how Google Panda Works.

  • 2 It has a success rate

    The internet has billions of sites. Google considers an algorithm successful when it improves most of the search queries and not all of them. In other words, a new algorithm can raise the ranking of 90% of quality websites, but 10% might still suffer. See recovering from Panda.

  • 3 Because low quality pages affect the whole domain

    If a site has 100 pages and 20 of them are considered low quality, the 100 pages will have a lower rank. Panda is an unfair algorithm, it punishes good pages because they they are associated with bad pages.

  • 4 Some sites were punished then favoured

    So many sites were hit by a version of Google panda and only recovered and gained traffic with the release of the next version (without any intervention from their webmasters). This is solid proof that the algorithm can be very inaccurate.

  • 5 The word quality is contraversial

    Even though they released some guidelines about what is considered to be a quality site, still no one fully understands what Google means by a high quality page. A webmaster might believe that his page is of a high quality, while Google panda might believe the opposite.

  • 6 Because Panda isn't human

    If a human read each page on the internet, certainly he will rank those pages different than Google panda does. After all, Google panda is just an algorithm and no matter how good it is, it can never be as clever as a human. See how Google search works.

  • 7 Panda is aggressive because Google feels threatned

    The fact that so many spammy sites made it to Google's main page threatened Google's leadership in the search engine market. They launched Panda to fix that problem and defend it. Panda is very aggressive because it's a matter of survival for Google.

  • 8 More than 27 versions released

    More than 27 versions of Google Panda were released. This means that every now and then Google believes the algorithm is not as accurate as they want it to be, so they work on improving it. This is why some quality websites might be acknowledged by one version and recover when another is released.