Why do women grow their fingernails

    Why do women grow their fingernails

  • 1 It's trendy

    For women, it is trendy to keep their fingernails long and in nice shape. 

  • 2 To put nailpolish

    Many women find that nailpolish looks better with long fingernails, which makes them grow their nails. 

  • 3 They just stopped a bad habit

    Many women, and people in general, grow their fingernails after stopping the bad habit of biting them. See Why some people bite their nails

  • 4 It's useful for handling things

    Having long nails for women is sometimes useful in opening things. See Why do guys grow their pinky nail long

  • 5 It's easier

    Some women find that growing their nails is easier than having to trim them every couple of days. 

  • 6 It makes the fingers look longer

    Some women like to grow their fingernails because it makes the fingers themselves look longer. 

  • 7 It's considered feminine

    Many women believe that growing their fingernails is a feminine thing to do, unlike keeping them short which is commonly associated with men.  

  • 8 They're easier to clean

    Long fingernails are easier to clean and to be kept dirt-free than short nails. 

  • 9 They're attractive

    Some people find long fingernails more attractive and sexier than short ones, which can motivate some women to keep their fingernails long. 

  • 10 To do nail art

    It is trendy and fashionable nowadays to do nail art, which usually requires long fingernails. 

  • 11 It's better for scratching

    Some women prefer to keep their fingernails so they can comfortably scratch parts of their body. 

  • 12 It's associated with high social status

    In some cultures, especially in the past, having long fingernails meant the woman was from a high social status.