Why do women dye their hair

    Why do women dye their hair

  • 1 To follow the latest trend

    Many women decide to dye their hair to follow the latest hair trend. 

  • 2 To distinguish themselves

    Some women dye their hair strange colors to distinguish themselves from other women. 

  • 3 To stand out

    Some women like dying their hair to stand out in the crowd with their different hair color. 

  • 4 They like experimenting

    Many girls and women dye their hair as a form of experimentation. 

  • 5 To get over something or someone

    It is known that women often go for a drastic change when they are trying to get over something that happened to them such as dying or cutting their hair after a break up.

  • 6 To boost their self-esteem

    Some women go for a hair color change to boost their self-esteem and make themselves look more attractive. 

  • 7 To cover grey hair

    Some women dye their hair to cover their grey hair. 

  • 8 To appear younger

    In some cases, women dye their hair to appear younger and youthful. 

  • 9 To copy celebrities

    Some girls dye their hair to copy celebrities that they like who changed their hair color. 

  • 10 They are adventurous

    Women who dye their hair bright, rainbow colors are often adventurous and risk-takers. 

  • 11 They are bored

    Some women dye their hair simply because they are bored of their natural hair color and want a change. 

  • 12 It's a way of self-expression

    Some women see hair dying as a way of expressing themselves and their personality. 

  • 13 To please their partner

    Some women dye their hair to please their partner's desire. For example, some men prefer blonde hair over brown hair.