Why do we have emotions

    Why do we have emotions

  • 1 To guide us towards our goals

    The mind uses emotions to motivate us to pursue our important goals. The mind might use bad emotions such as sadness or dissatisfaction to motivate us to change our lives to the better.

  • 2 To help us survive

    Emotions have the purpose of protecting people and helping them survive. The mind can use the emotion of fear to keep a person away from harm or danger.

  • 3 The result of physical changes in our bodies

    Studies have shown that emotions are physical changes that happen to our bodies. As the brain notices those changes the emotions change accordingly. Emotions trigger changes in the body and the opposite is true.

  • 4 The result of our perception

    After a person sees something and judges it, emotions fire. The emotions a person experience depends on the judgement he has made about the situation he is facing. This is why two people can go through the same situation but experience different emotions.

  • 5 To maintain social bonds

    Emotions help people maintain social bonds. Loneliness motivates a person to seek friends, love motivates a person to seek a life partner while empathy motivates a person to help others.

  • 6 Emotions dictated by society - A theory says

    One theory states that emotions are learned as a result of the reactions made by the society a person lives in. The purpose of emotions, according to this theory, is to help the person peacefully live in his society by abiding to its rules.

  • 7 To prepare people to take quick actions

    Emotions can have the purpose of preparing people to take quick actions when needed. The emotion of anger is usually triggered to prepare the person for a fight or to let him standup  for his rights.

  • 8 The result of psychological disorders

    When emotions fire in the wrong time they are usually the result of a psychological disorder. While a person should experience a fight or flight response in dangerous situations, a person who experiences it in public areas might be suffering from a psychological disorder.

  • 9 To abide by our values

    Some emotions have the purpose of helping people abide by their values. The emotion of guilt is an example of an emotion that has the purpose of helping a person stick to his important values 

  • 10 To bring us back to the right track

    The mind can also use emotions to bring us back to the right track even if it discovered that we are not taking serious actions. In one theory, depression is just a way of rebelling that the mind uses to motivate a person to go after what he really cares about.

  • 11 To keep doing what we are doing

    Some emotions have the purpose of telling a person that he is on the right track. Motivation and happiness are two examples of emotions that the mind uses to tell a person that he should keep doing whatever he is doing.

  • 12 Built in responses to certain situations

    In another theory, emotions are believed to be built in universal responses to certain situations. According to this theory, a typical person will always get disgusted if he sees someone vomiting.