Why do some people hate successful ones

    Why do some people hate successful ones

  • 1 It reminds them of their failures

    Some people don't feel good when they see successful people because they get reminded of their own failures. Those people might thus feel unhappy around successful ones because they remind them of things they don't want to remember.

  • 2 They feel jealous

    Jealousy is a strong unpleasant human emotion. When people see a successful person, they might feel jealous of them. This jealousy can easily turn into hatred if it persists. See how to identify jealous people.

  • 3 They get all the attention

    Some people dislike successful ones because they get all the attention. People who want attention might feel bad when they see someone else getting that attention and this is one reason why attention seekers might dislike successful ones.

  • 4 They feel helpless

    When people see successful ones they might feel helpless because of realizing that they can't succeed as well. The degree of helplessness felt can't determine the amount of hatred towards successful people. See what causes helplessness.

  • 5 They think they are snobs

    Some people dislike successful ones because they assume that they are snobs. In such a case. those people can like those successful ones once they realize that they are humble and not arrogant.

  • 6 They have low self-esteem

    People who have low self-esteem usually feel bad when they see successful ones because deep inside they believe they can't make it. Self-assured people, on the other hand, don't feel bad about themselves when they see successful ones. 

  • 7 They get intimidated by them

    Some people don't feel comfortable around successful ones because they get intimidated by them. In such a case, those people might like the successful ones if they treated them well and made them feel comfortable.

  • 8 They have wrong beliefs about them

    Some people have wrong beliefs about success and successful people. Those people might believe that in order for a person to succeed, they must be arrogant, selfish and unethical

  • 9 They see them as a threat

    Some people consider successful ones a threat. For example, a person might fear that a successful one might steal their partner.

  • 10 They remind them of reality

    Some people choose to escape from reality to not remember the serious part of life. Those people get reminded of all that when they see successful ones. For those people, seeing successful ones is more of an unpleasant reality check.

  • 11 They fear success

    Some people fear success, and as a result, never try to achieve anything in life. When those people see successful ones, they get reminded of their fears and so they don't feel good.

  • 12 They feel pressured to succeed

    When some people see successful ones, they feel pressured to succeed as well. This kind of pressure can make some people very uncomfortable.