Why do some Facebook notifications disappear

    Why do some Facebook notifications disappear

  • 1 The post was deleted

    If you received a notification from a certain post, but then the post was deleted, the notification will disappear from your notifications tab. 

  • 2 The person undid an action

    If, for example, a person liked your photo and then unliked it, the notification from your notifications tab will disappear. 

  • 3 A problem with your app

    If all your notifications suddenly disappeared, this means that something is wrong with your app and you should report the problem. 

  • 4 A bug in the app

    Facebook app sometimes has bugs that interfere with the functionality of the app. Disappearing notifications could be a bug. 

  • 5 You disabled notifications

    If you disable the notifications for a certain post or app, the notifications associated with it will no longer appear in your notifications tab.

  • 6 The app needs to be updated

    Some features of the app don't work properly if the app is out of date. Updating the app might fix the problem.