Why do people work

    Why do people work

  • 1 To earn money

    The number one reason many people work is to earn a living, make money and be able to pay their bills and meet their financial obligations.

  • 2 To achieve self actualization

    Some people work in order to achieve self actualization and make achievements that satisfy their egos. For example, a rich person who works might be doing it for self actualization related goals.

  • 3 To provide for their families

    Many people work in order to have enough money to spend on their families and to meet their families' needs.

  • 4 They love their work

    Some people work just because they love doing what they do. Those people's primary motive is the love for the tasks that they do every day.

  • 5 To fulfill their life purpose

    Many people work in order to fulfill their life purpose, reach their goals or make their life meaningful.

  • 6 To fulfill their ambition

    Many people work in order to fulfill their personal ambition. Some people work to reach a high rank, others work to become famous, while a third group might work to break certain records. See why are some people ambitious

  • 7 To feel good about themselves

    Feeling good about one's self can either be a primary or a secondary motive. Some people might work just to feel good about themselves, while some others might work to achieve a certain goal and in turn feel good about themselves.

  • 8 To feel worthy

    Some people work in order to feel worthy. In such a case, the desire to feel important or worthy might be the main reason those people are working.

  • 9 To belong to a group

    Humans have a strong need to join groups and be a part of something. Some people work to be a part of a company or to even be a part of the working group. See why humans join groups.

  • 10 To make a difference in the world

    Some people work to make a difference in the world. Those who do volunteer work are an example of those who work to make the world better.

  • 11 Not to be different

    Some people work in order not to seem different or odd. Those people might prefer not to work, but they might still do it in order to fit in.

  • 12 To kill boredom

    Some people decide not to work then they decide to find a job when they feel bored staying at home. Killing boredom can be a primary motive for those job seekers.