Why do people use phone covers

  • 1 To protect against shocks

    Some people use phone covers to protect their phones when they fall or bump into things.

  • 2 To protect against scratches

    Some people use phone covers to protect their phones from scratches that could be caused by sharp objects.

  • 3 To protect against dust or dirt

    Some people use phone covers to protect them from dust and dirt or other things. They use them to keep the phone clean.

  • 4 To keep their phones secure

    Some people use covers to keep their phones secure near them or in case they would fall or be hit.

  • 5 Because of the better grip

    Some people use phones phone covers to have a better grip on their phones. This is especially for silicon covers that have a better grip than the silky smooth feeling of a touch-screen smart-phone.

  • 6 To make the phone thicker

    Some people dislike how thin their phones are and they use the cover to make the phone feel thicker in their hands.

  • 7 Because they look nice

    Covers can look very nice, or have special logos or designs. Those covers are often used by people who like the looks of them.

  • 8 To hide their phones

    Due to the large screen of the phones nowadays, some people prefer to get back and front covers that can hide their phones when they receive new messages or phone calls.

  • 9 Because of weak battery doors

    While most phones have secure covers, some tend to get loose with age. Back covers can be used to keep the batteries from falling off.

  • 10 They use them as wallets

    Some people use covers that contain different sections to keep their money, cards and IDs in them for their convenience.

  • 11 Because they have extra battery

    Some covers come with an extra battery packed in to be used as an extrenal battery or as a power bank.

  • 12 Because of the extra stand

    People get covers that have the extra stand at the back to put their phones in front of them when they want to watch videos.