Why do people share jokes online

    Why do people share jokes online

  • 1 Sharing enhances the experience

    Humans are social beings. When they share good moments with others the good moments provide them with more joy and happiness.

  • 2 To get approval

    When a person shares a joke and gets a positive feedback in the form of likes, for example, he feels better about himself, as he unconsciously realizes that he shares stuff that people like. See what makes a joke funny.

  • 3 To prove a point

    In many cases, a person might have an unconscious goal of proving a certain point by sharing a joke that supports that point. This is very common in politics where a person shares a joke about the politician he doesn't like.

  • 4 To improve their mood

    According to psychologists, joking about one's own problems can help a person cope with those problems and tolerate them in a better way. See why do people share certain posts online.

  • 5 To connect with others

    Many people share jokes online or through communication apps such as WhatsApp in order to connect with others and get closer to them.

  • 6 To reach a certain psychological goal

    According to psychologists, people share jokes in order to achieve psychological goals such as putting down the ones they dislike, elevating their own self-worth or making a statement.

  • 7 They believe others will like them

    A person is more likely to share a joke if he believes that it will appeal to the ones receiving it. This is one reason why some people selectively send certain jokes to certain friends or tag them online.

  • 8 To increase their followers

    Some people share jokes and other posts with the goal of getting more followers on social networks. Those people usually try to choose the things that will appeal to others.

  • 9 To be considered funny

    Some people want to project the identity of being funny to others. By sharing jokes those people can make others believe that they are funny.

  • 10 Sexual frustration

    Sexual frustration can motivate some people to share adult jokes online.