Why do people like soccer

    Why do people like soccer

  • 1 It is not easy to score goals

    The fact that it's not easy to score a goal in soccer makes goals very rewarding to the brain. The person might get motivated to watch the game because their brains are waiting for the reward.

  • 2 It has unexpected rewards

    unexpected rewards make the brain very pleased. The fact that soccer can have rare unexpected goals makes the game more addictive. 

  • 3 Reward anticipation

    The brain releases the addictive chemical dopamine when it expects a reward. Because soccer has few goals, the long reward anticipation process creates some kind of a buildup that gets released when a goal is scored.

  • 4 The game is challenging

    Because people are not allowed to use their hands in a soccer game, the game can get very challenging. Players have to have great skills and have to be very creative in order to score good goals. This makes the soccer game more enjoyable.

  • 5 It involves complex skills

    Players have to have complex skills in order to be able to move the ball with their legs and not their hands. This makes the game very entertaining as people watch players doing difficult, impressing and unexpected moves.

  • 6 They were conditioned to like it

    Soccer is a very popular sport worldwide. Many people were conditioned to like it during their early years, as they saw their parents watching soccer matches and getting excited about them.

  • 7 The near-miss effect

    Near-miss effects happen when the ball misses the goal by a few centimeters. Near-miss effects are very rewarding to the brain, as they make the person want more goals. The near-miss effect is also one reason why gambling is addictive. See why people gamble.

  • 8 It involves great teamwork

    Unlike other sports, the teamwork in soccer influences the game greatly. All players must coordinate their difficult moves together in order to win.

  • 9 It has a big field

    The fact that the game has a big field makes it harder for players to score. As the game becomes more complex, goals become more rewarding. Unlike basketball, for example, a soccer goal is extremely rewarding because it's rare.

  • 10 It has simple rules

    Unlike American football and some other sports, soccer has very simple rules. Soccer is thus easier to watch and understand than many other sports.

  • 11 It's easy to learn

    Kids usually find it easier to play soccer than many other games. While the game is challenging, it's also easy to learn and thus many people get motivated to try it.