Why do people like Crash Bandicoot

    Why do people like Crash Bandicoot

  • 1 Similar to running games

    Many people like running games. Crash Bandicoot was one of the earliest running games with great graphics introduced on the Playstation and this gave it wide popularity. See why endless running games are popular.

  • 2 Funny characters

    The game has many funny characters like Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Neo Cortex and others. The fact that the characters are considered funny by some people made the game more enjoyable.

  • 3 Colorful graphics

    The game has different environments with so many brights colors. Those colored environments make the game more relaxing, peaceful and Eye-catching. See why bright colors catch our attention.

  • 4 Nostalgia

    Even though the game was released in 1996, many adults still like it as it reminds them of the happy moments they spent earlier in their childhood. See why we get nostalgic.

  • 5 Cartoon-like enviroment

    Games with cartoon-like environments are generally more relaxing than games that resemble real life characters. The fact that those cartoon-like characters remind people of cartoon shows makes the game more fun and relaxing. See also why some adults watch cartoons

  • 6 The game dynamics were interesting

    In 1996, the game dynamics of Crash Bandicoot seemed pretty novel and interesting. This made the game-play more enjoyable.

  • 7 Interesting adventure

    The plot of the game and the adventure style the game adopted made the game more interesting to more players. People liked the concept of moving through different worlds and seeing different environments.

  • 8 Superior graphics

    At the time it was released Crash Banidcoot's graphics and animations were considered superior to many other games, according to both critics and gamers.

  • 9 Familiar but unique

    According to one critic, the game had a familiar environment with some familiar concepts, yet it had its own unique taste and personality.

  • 10 The game was challenging

    The fact that the game was challenging made it more interesting to people who were looking for a difficult game to beat.

  • 11 Appealed to kids and adults

    The graphics, animations and the cartoon-like environment made the game appealing to both kids and adults.