Why do people hide their age

  • 1 They can't accept aging

    Many people go into denial when they grow older. A part of them doesn't want to accept the fact that they are growing up. Not only do those people hide their age from others, but they actually try not to remember it at all.

  • 2 They think it makes them less attractive

    Some people, and specifically women, believe that growing older makes them less attractive. Those people lie about their age in order to appear attractive to others. See also why do people lie.

  • 3 They are not happy with their own achievements

    When some people are not happy with their progress in life, they feel bad as they grow up. In such a case, those people try to hide their age from others.

  • 4 To date younger people

    Some people hide their age in order to be able to date younger people. Those people believe that their age might cause problems if it was revealed too early to the ones they like.

  • 5 To avoid prejudice

    Some people lie about their age to avoid being judged. Some people judge others when they know about their age, which is why some choose to hide their age.

  • 6 Men like younger women

    Generally, men like younger women and find them more attractive than older women. Women who are aware of this fact sometimes choose to hide their age to appear attractive to those men. See what makes a woman attractive to a man.

  • 7 They consider aging a bad thing

    Many people consider aging a bad thing. Those people aren't comfortable with aging, and so they might choose to hide their age.

  • 8 It's a learned behaviour

    Some people learn to hide their age as they see others around them doing it. Those people might develop the belief that aging is really bad and that their age must be hidden.

  • 9 To attract more partners

    Some people hide their age to give themselves a better chance of attracting others. By not saying how old they are, those people allow themselves to have a broader range of potential partners.