Why do people drink alcohol

    Why do people drink alcohol

  • 1 To fit in

    So many people, especially teens, start to drink in order to fit in. When most people start drinking some teens will hate to seem odd and start drinking (See how peer pressure affects people).

  • 2 To be cool

    Many people drink to project the identity of being cool and social. Sometimes the only motivation behind a habit is to send a certain message to people. People, especially young teens, believe that drinking makes them look cool (see also Why people buy branded clothes).

  • 3 To be brave

    So many people drink because they can't really socialize before they do. Instead of feeling socially awkward, these people drink to get a dose of courage. The problem with such behaviour is that it prevents a person from developing real courage.

  • 4 To forget about their problems

    Some people start drinking as soon as something bad happens. These people use drinking as a method of escape from pain and as a way to forget about the things that trouble them the most. The problem with this approach is that important problems are left unsolved.

  • 5 To feel good

    People who are unable to feel good on their own need an external substance or a mood enhancer to feel better. So many people drink to enjoy the night even more or to feel better.

  • 6 To rebel

    Some people get involved in certain habits in order to rebel against others. A guy might drink at night because he has a horrible work-day the next day. By doing so he would be attempting to avoid work all together (See also why do people smoke).

  • 7 Too embarrassed to find a reason

    Some people drink because everyone does. They might think about stopping but their main problem is that they don't find anything to say to people who will ask them why they don't drink. To avoid embarrassment, some people never attempt to stop drinking.

  • 8 To silence their critical part

    Some people are too harsh on themselves. They criticize themselves all the time. These people can become addicted to drinking in an attempt to escape from their own critical minds. The problem with this approach is that they never give themselves the chance to change.

  • 9 They can't function without it

    Whether they feel too afraid to socialize or too down to stay sober, some people can't function properly without drinking. These people keep accumulating their problems and avoiding them by drinking only to face a large pile of unsolved problems later on.