Why do people donate

    Why do people donate

  • 1 To support a cause

    Some people donate money to support a certain cause. For those people, the success of the cause makes them feel much better about themselves.

  • 2 To improve their mood

    According to psychologists, giving to charity can make a person feel much better about themselves, feel more in control and less helpless. People can thus give money without realizing they are trying to reach those goals on the subconscious level.

  • 3 To feel more worthy

    We humans like to do actions that make us feel worthy. When a person donates money, they feel that they are making some kind of a change or impact and this makes them feel more worthy.

  • 4 To get rid of guilt

    Some people donate money in order to get rid of excess guilt. According to psychologists, giving improves a person's self-image and makes them feel like they are good people. This feeling can reduce feelings of guilt.

  • 5 For religious reasons

    Many people give money for religious reasons. Those people believe that they will be considered good in the eyes of God when they do such good and humanly activities.

  • 6 To feel superior

    According to psychologists, the unconscious desire to feel superior can motivate someone to give money to the poor or to donate. The giver might get a sense of superiority after giving money to others.

  • 7 To get appreciation

    According to psychologists, some people give money to get emotional rewards. When a person sees someone appreciating their support, they feel better about themselves.

  • 8 To be considered generous

    Some people donate money in order to be considered generous. Those people will always make sure that others know that they are giving money to the poor.

  • 9 They empathize with others

    People who empathize with others are more likely to give donations. If someone feels the pain of another person then they are more likely to help them out.

  • 10 To feel more connected to a group

    Giving is a social act. Many people give money to charity to feel more connected to a certain group of people. See why do people join groups.

  • 11 To feel happier

    Many studies have pointed out that a person can feel happier after giving money to the poor or donating money to charity.

  • 12 To improve brand image

    Some companies donate money to charity to improve their brand image and to show that they are helping the community.