Why do people choose to be vegetarians

    Why do people choose to be vegetarians

  • 1 They don't like the way animals are raised before slaughtering.

    Some people don't like the conditions animals are forced to live in before slaughtering, such as being held in crowded places.

  • 2 Religious Reasons

    Some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism require people to abstain from eating meat.

  • 3 Because they believe it's wrong to slaughter animals for food

    Some vegetarians believe that slaughtering animals for food is a cruel thing.

  • 4 Health related reasons

    Some people believe a vegetarian diet can provide a substantial health advantage as opposed to diets containing meat. The fact that vegetarians eat more fruits and vegetables can actually help them become healthy.

  • 5 Because they want to protect the enviroment

    Cattle that are raised for consumption produce large amounts of methane. Because methane can contribute to global warming, some people prefer to become vegetarians to protect the environment.

  • 6 To prevent food shortage

    Large amounts of grain are used to raise cattle needed for human consumption. Some people believe that it's better for this food to be given to starving nations than to feed cattle.

  • 7 More economical

    Some people become vegetarian because of the economical value. Meals can cost much less when a person avoids meat.

  • 8 They don't like violence

    Vegetarians believe that over consumption of meat can promote aggression. Vegetarians are usually calmer than people who eat meat (See why some people like violent games).

  • 9 hormones and antibiotic injection

    Animals are usually injected with hormones and antibiotics. Those substances can be harmful and that's why some people refrain from eating meat.

  • 10 To feel Peaceful

    Some people become Vegetarians to experience inner peace. Because consuming meat makes them feel guilty because of believing that they are ruining their environment, they switch to a vegetarian diet to experience more inner peace.

  • 11 They love animals so much

    Some people love animals so much and hate the fact that some people eat them. They become vegetarians because they think animals shouldn't be eaten.

  • 12 Hate the taste of meat

    Some people hate the taste of meat or can hardly digest it. Those people can become vegetarians for those reasons.

  • 13 Concern for Laborers

    Some people believe that the working environment for people working in the meet industry is inhuman. Those people refrain from eating meat as a way of complaining on those working conditions.

  • 14 Fear of certain Diseases

    Some Diseases are transferred from humans to animals such as Swine flu and avian flu. This motivated some people to give up eating meat and to change to a vegetarian diet.

  • 15 Medical Conditions

    People who suffer from certain medical conditions are asked to stay away from meat or to reduce meat consumption. Those people can turn into vegetarians easily since they already consume very little meat.

  • 16 To belong to a superior group

    Humans are social beings. They always want to be a part of something. Some people join vegetarians in order to feel more superior to meat eaters. By believing that they are more ethical than meat eaters those people get a self esteem boost.

  • 17 Accumulated guilt

    Some people become vegetarians to reduce the amount of guilt they experience in their lives. By doing something that is considered very ethical by their standards, those people can reduce the amounts of guilt they experience in life.