Why do people flirt

  • 1 They are attracted to the person

    Flirting can be an indirect way to express attraction. If a person got physically attracted to someone then they might release some of this energy through flirting.

  • 2 They want to get out of the friendzone

    People can start to flirt if they want to get out of the friendzone and turn the relationship into a romantic one. People can thus flirt to move the relationship from one stage to another.

  • 3 They are players

    Players usually flirt with a large number of people at the same time in order to attract some or even all of them. A player usually flirts with the ones they consider attractive. See why are some people players.

  • 4 Just to explore

    Some people flirt just to explore the reactions of others towards them or to find out whether someone finds them attractive or not.

  • 5 For sexual motives only

    Some people, especially men, flirt in order to take the relationship in a sexual direction. In such a case, the flirting might just be a method that has the purpose of pushing the relationship in a sexual direction.

  • 6 To raise one's self-esteem

    Some people flirt to raise their own self-esteem. In such a case, the person flirts to get some kind of a feedback that raises their own self-esteem. See signs that someone likes you.

  • 7 To achieve another objective

    Some people flirt to achieve another objective even though they are not attracted to the person they flirt with. A person can flirt with someone before they ask for a favor from that person.

  • 8 They are pressured by their managers

    In some industries, women might be pressured to flirt with others by their managers in order for the customers to be happy. A waitress, for example, might be pressured to flirt with customers.

  • 9 To increase intimacy

    Couples who are already in a relationship might flirt to increase the intimacy in the relationship.

  • 10 To express interest

    Some people flirt to express interest in others and to let them know that they are single and available.

  • 11 They are not satisfied with their relationships

    Some married and committed people flirt because they are not that satisfied with their relationships. In such a case, those people might be flirting to see what they can get. See why some married people flirt.

  • 12 Just for fun

    Some people flirt just for fun or for the joy of the activity. This type of flirting doesn't have to be based on any real interest.