Why do mosquito bites itch?

    Why do mosquito bites itch?

  • 1 The mosquito doesn't bite

    Mosquitos do not bite. What happens is that their needle-like mouth parts and it probs the skin.

  • 2 It looks for a blood vessel

    The mosquito looks for a blood vessel through the hole it put and sucks some of the blood.

  • 3 It leaves some of its saliva

    The mosquito drops some of its saliva in your skin to act as an anticogulant to allow it to suck more blood. It also contains protein.

  • 4 The immunity system is activated

    The saliva left in the blood creates hestamines which causes the immunity system in the human body to be activated and the fast response is some irritation in the skin.

  • 5 The itching is a reaction to the irritation

    The itching is a reaction the the irritation that the skin suffers from the active immunity system.

  • 6 It is actually the histamine

    It is actually the histamine that is produced to help the white blood cells that causes the itching.

  • 7 Scratches worsen the case

    Scratching the mosquito bite can actually worsen the case and cause more itchiness.

  • 8 Bites itch because of allergies

    Mosquito bites also itch because of the allergies that come with the mosquito saliva and its contents.

  • 9 They will itch regardless

    New research points that mosquito bites will itch whether you scratch them or not.

  • 10 Some people grow immune

    Some people grow immune to bug bites after having withstood several bites before. However, it should be notes that getting itchy is a good sign, elsewise you wouldn't know if you were bit which could possibly lead to more infections if the mosquito is infected.