Why do businesses have slogans

    Why do businesses have slogans

  • 1 To differentiate themselves

    A slogan is good for a business that wants to differentiate itself from other similar businesses in the market.

  • 2 To stand out

    If a company or business has a creative and unique slogan, it will stand out in the market and attract more customers.

  • 3 To intrigue consumers

    Some businesses choose slogans that sound interesting in order to trigger their consumers' curiosity and attract them to their business. 

  • 4 It's part of the business' identity

    A slogan is part of the business' identity that is presented to the market. 

  • 5 To be remembered

    Catchy and short slogans can easily be remembered by customers, which could bring more business to a company. 

  • 6 Gives an idea of what the business does

    A slogan gives the market an idea of what the business does through a short, catchy phrase. 

  • 7 To make the business recognizable

    A good slogan can make a business recognizable in a pool of other competing business.

  • 8 Acts as a competitive edge

    A great slogan can act as a competitive edge against competing businesses if they don't have good slogans, or have no slogans at all.

  • 9 To make the consumer take an action

    A good slogan will motivate consumers to take action and buy the business' product or sign up for their services. 

  • 10 It's a marketing strategy

    Having a slogan is one of many marketing strategies that ensure that a business will resonate in the consumer's mind.