Why do Geckos drop their tails

  • 1 Because of stress

    Geckos drop their tails when they are put under stress. Excessive heat can be a cause for stress for a gecko.

  • 2 Because it got bullied

    Sometimes geckos drop their tails because they are getting bullied by other geckos or pets in the same tank or space.

  • 3 Its tail got grabbed

    When a gecko gets its tail grabbed or pinched, it usually drops it as a defense mechanism.

  • 4 Illness causes it

    Illness can cause the gecko to drop its tail because its sense react differently when it'ss ill.

  • 5 It could be infected

    Similar to its reaction to illness, a gecko tends to drop its tail when it is infected in a way or another.

  • 6 It's a defense mechanism

    Dropping the tail is an automated defense mechanism that the gecko uses when it is in danger or being attacked.

  • 7 Some geckos can grow new tails

    Some breeds of geckos have the ability to generate a new tail. While the tail might not be the same, it can function just as well as the original. However, some geckos do not have that ability, yet they adjust and adapt to being without one. It could take up to a few days for them to adjust.

  • 8 To lure away danger

    As a defense mechanism, geckos can drop their tails which would continue to twitch as they escape the danger.