Why beautiful women marry less attractive men

  • 1 Women care less about looks

    Women do care about looks, but they tend to give them less weight than men. A woman can find many things that she likes in a man, and as a result, overlook his looks. See do women care about looks.

  • 2 Beauty is subjective

    According to psychologists, beauty standards can differ from one woman to another. This means that a woman might find a man attractive, while other people might not find him that attractive. See also what makes a man attractive to a woman.

  • 3 They resemble their fathers

    Women find men who resemble their fathers, even indirectly, very attractive, especially if they had good relationships with their fathers.

  • 4 Women look at the bigger picture

    Women look at many things when looking for a long term potential partner such as ambition, resources, masculinity and commitment. A woman seeking a long term partner is thus more likely to sacrifice looks for the sake of other qualities. See why women like taller men.

  • 5 They seek long term relationships

    According to psychologists, women looking for short term partners might place a high weight on looks, while women looking for long term partners might give high weight to other qualities.

  • 6 They want stability

    Some women date less attractive men because they want stable lives. Those women might believe that the less attractive a man is, the more likely he is to be committed and less likely to cheat.

  • 7 They want more committed men

    According to experts, when women marry less attractive men, they report high relationship satisfaction since the man becomes more invested in the relationship.

  • 8 They have high self-esteem

    Women with low self-esteem might only want to date a very good looking person in order to prove to others that they can attract such a man. Women with high self-esteem might look for other qualities besides looks. See why some women like bald men.