Why are people with disorganized minds smarter than linear-minded people?

    Why are people with disorganized minds smarter than linear-minded people?

  • 1 They have verbal intelligence

    People with disorganized minds tend to well in verbal parts in IQ tests because they can always come up with the brightest ideas and solutions.

  • 2 They're creative

    When disorganized people take creativity tests like the Torrance series, the test shows that they are very good at creative areas like storytelling, visualizations, humor and thinking outside the box. 

  • 3 They involve themselves in various activities

    Disorganized people usually involve themselves in more than just one activity. They go to a normal job and on the side they do other activities like joining bands, painting or landscaping. This kind of trait makes them gain more experiences out of life. 

  • 4 They're right-brained

    Right brained people take all the information at once then find a solution to the problem after it happens unlike people with linear thinking who find solutions based on factual information.

  • 5 They're more attracted to unrelated people or things

    Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss used the term “bricoleur” to describe disorganized people because they tend to like things and people that are different. A disorganized person gives value to diversity because it activates their brain's activity. 

  • 6 They're usually around high-energy people

    People with high levels of energy always allow people with disorganized minds to learn and satisfy their curiosity. Disorganized people always want to learn from energetic people so that they can be presented with something new and generate it into an idea.  

  • 7 They tend to lose track of time

    When an unorganized person is late to a meeting, wedding or family dinner, it is usually because they were involved in some other fascinating activity. 

  • 8 They always think of a 'better way'

    When a disorganized person is behind on a project deadline, for example, it's usually because he got stuck in a part of the project and kept researching it till he found a good solution.

  • 9 It's difficult for them to focus when they're not fascinated

    Disorganized people usually find it hard to succeed at school because they're not interested in topics and subjects that schools teach.  

  • 10 They learn all the time

    Chris Fields, a researcher and scientist at Stanford University, found that disorganized personalities are addicted to gaining insight. They have a constant need to learn and research everything that fascinates them.  

  • 11 They have a global mind

    Disorganized personalities tend to find solutions in things without factual or linear thinking. For example if a disorganized person is going on trip they'll never plan it the way a factual person would. Rather, they'll just throw all they need in a bag and go on an 'adventure'.

  • 12 They see to know it all

    Scientists call disorganized people Asperger’s. They spend a lot of time with books or searching the internet, but they don't always have the patience to follow the book; rather they like to express their own ideas and thoughts.