Why ads are bad for your website

    Why ads are bad for your website

  • 1 Too many ads lower page rank

    Google uses the number of ads on a page as one of the signals to asses a page quality. If a page has many ads then the page might be considered a low quality page (See How Google panda works).

  • 2 Ads make a site look unprofessional

    Most ads can make a site look less professional. If a site is stuffed with ads then users will hardly be able to trust it.

  • 3 Ad revenues are going down

    Since the arrival of mobile devices ad revenues have been going down fast. 

  • 4 People are developing banner blindless

    According to a study people are becoming more blind to ads and this results in a much lower revenue.

  • 5 Mobile screen is too small

    Almost half of the internet traffic comes from Mobile devices (2015). Since the mobile screen is too small more important elements might have to be removed for the ad to be placed.

  • 6 Ads above the fold lower a page rank

    According to Google pages that have ads above the fold will have a lower page rank than pages that don't. Placing an ad above the fold is the best place to make more money but now it affects the page rank.

  • 7 CTR is going down

    Click through rates of ads have been going down for years. Some people suggest that mobile devices are too blame while others suggest banner blindness.

  • 8 Ads can slow down a website

    Too many ads on a page can slow the page down and affect the loading speed. Loading speed is considered a ranking signal by many search engines (See how to improve a page's loading speed).

  • 9 Ads can reduce conversion rates

    The more elements on a page the more the clicks are distributed on those elements. Ads can reduce the number of people buying your products and subscribing to your service. 

  • 10 Clicks are usually very cheap

    While the price of a click depends usually on the industry still many people complain about the very low Price per Click (PPC) which can be as low as 1 cent.

  • 11 People take your business lighly

    People can take a business lightly if it's running ads. According to their logic if the business is doing well then why it needs to put ads.