Why Twitter is addictive

    Why Twitter is addictive

  • 1 The desire to be popular

    Just like Instagram, Twitter gives people the chance to be mini-celebrities. The desire to be popular and the thrill of being followed by strangers can make Twitter very addictive to some people. See why Instagram is so addictive.

  • 2 Instant gratification

    Social networks become very addictive when a person gets instant gratification for their posts. People who get fast likes and retweets usually find Twitter very addictive. Also getting more followers after posting something can motivate someone to post over and over. 

  • 3 The rise of narcissism

    According to psychologists, new generations are becoming more narcissistic because of social media. This narcissism in turn feeds the desire for having fans and followers on social networks. See why do celebrities like Instagram.

  • 4 Dopamine addiction

    According to psychologists, the chemical dopamine gets released in the brain when a person expects a reward. This expected reward could be a retweet or a new follower. Dopamine is highly addictive and so the use of Twitter can easily result in dopamine addiction.

  • 5 Ease of access

    According to psychologists, one of the main reasons things become addictive is that they can be accessed easily. The introduction of smartphones & mobile apps have made it very likely for people to get addicted to social networks. See why Facebook is addictive.

  • 6 Self-esteem boost

    The self-esteem boost people get when they get likes or when they get followed by random people can be highly addictive. People can thus keep posting over and over to keep getting rewards.

  • 7 Consumption addiction

    People can get addicted to new content such as news or the news of the people they follow. In such a case, the person keeps checking Twitter over and over to keep getting new information. See why Twitter is popular.

  • 8 Disclosing information is addictive

    According to a study by Harvard, the pleasure we get when we disclose information about ourselves can be very addictive and it can be similar to the feelings of pleasure we get from food or sex.

  • 9 Humans are social beings

    Humans are highly social beings. Social connections are considered among the basic needs of humans. Social networks help people satisfy a part of those social needs and this is why they are very addictive.

  • 10 Connecting with celebrities

    Twitter allows people to interact with celebrities, popular figures and brands directly. The chance of getting such an interaction can make Twitter very addictive. See why Twitter is dying.

  • 11 Fear of social isolation

    The fear of social isolation is considered one of the factors that motivates people to check their social media accounts over and over.