Why Pep Guardiola is One of the Most Successful Football Coaches in The World

    Why Pep Guardiola is One of the Most Successful Football Coaches in The World

  • 1 The only coach to win all titles competing for in one single year (six out of six)


    In the 2008-09 season, Guardiola led Barcelona to win all six competition being challenged for La Liga, Copa del Ray, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. Nobody has ever done this

  • 2 He won more trophies at a young age than many of his older peers

    At the age of 44, Guardiola has already won more trophies than many remarkable 'old' football coaches. Pep has more trophies than Claudio Ranieri and has won more Champions League titles than both Arsene Wenger and Louis van Gaal.

  • 3 The role he gave to Messi as a false No.9 made the Argentinian the super star he is today

    The moment when Guardiola told Messi to swap positiona with Samuel Eto'o to give Messi the opportunity to play deeper in the field rather than on the wings was the biggest transformation in Messi's career. This move was during the 'Clasico' with Real Madrid, a game that ended 6-2 for Pep's team.

  • 4 Pep owns the best record of wins against Jose Mourinho

    In 16 matches between both of them, Guardiola has a 50% rate of success, with 8 wins (7 with Barca), five draws and only three losses. No other coach holds a similar record against the Portuguese tactical genius.

  • 5 His record in UEFA Champions League is great


    Since the season 2008-09 and until 2014-15, Guardiola has coached six times in the UEFA Champions league (he had a year off 2012-13). He won the title twice and reached the semi-final in the rest of them. A record not too many managers are capable of in modern football.

  • 6 Not too many coaches are able to combine between winning and playing an enjoyable football


    Some teams play great football without winning a lot (Arsenal spent 9 years with no trophies though their style was enjoyed by many). By statistics and records, Guardiola's teams (Barcelona and FC Bayern) in addition to Real Madrid are the highest scoring teams in Europe between 2008-2015.

  • 7 His special way of thinking

    From hiring an ex-water polo star (Manuel Estiarte) as his assistant in Bayern, to introducing new tactics that require pressuring the opponent and rapidly and frequently passing the ball, all make him special. Even as a Barcelona player, he succeeded despite not being super fast or super powerful.

  • 8 His stats with FC Bayern are great

    Despite being eliminated twice from the semi final of the Champions league, Guardiola has broken 2 Bundeliga records in only 2 years; the fastest coach to win 50 games and the only team to win the German league seven weeks before its end in the 2013-14 season.

  • 9 Not only did he coach, he also invented

    Guardiola added new techniques to modern football by pursing pressure in all areas of the field, something that is highly admired by Fabio Capello (one of Italy's greatest coaches) who once said about Pep 'Although he started young, he did something even better, he invented which is very difficult'

  • 10 The only coach to win the FIFA Club World Cup twice


    He did it with Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, the first time after beating Estudiantes de La Plata (Argentina) 2-1 in the extra time and the second was in Japan after a 4-0 win against Santos FC (Brazil).