Why mobile games are bad

    Why mobile games are bad

  • 1 Most of them are mini-games

    Many mobile games have extremely simple mechanics, no story-line and repetitive ideas. Those games are designed this way to allow people to play for short periods of time during breaks.

  • 2 They are designed to be addictive

    Many mobile games are designed to be addictive in order to maximize revenue and keep people coming. A game can have extremely simple mechanics yet can be very addictive.

  • 3 Bad graphics

    While some mobile games have neat graphics, most of them still don't match the quality of console or PC games. The large difference in graphics reduces the gaming experience a great deal.

  • 4 They waste a lot of productive time

    Mobile games can be played anytime, unlike console and PC games. As a result, they lead to wasting a lot of precious time, as people use them in schools, work or while doing important things.

  • 5 Many of the games are recycled

    Many of the mobile games, including popular ones, are actually a recycled version of a popular mini-game that existed long ago. See why mobile games are popular.

  • 6 Many are frustrating

    Many mobile games were designed to be frustrating on purpose in order to pressure people to buy stuff that can help them beat the game.

  • 7 They prevent people from trying good games

    Mobile games have negatively impacted the sales of consoles and PC games. When a player fills the need for gaming through mobile games, he might not get motivated to try the really good games.

  • 8 Mobile screens are small

    The gaming experience is greatly diminished as the screen of the device gets smaller. Mobile games provide a much worse experience compared to games that can be played on large screens.

  • 9 Bad controls

    The touch screen technology doesn't provide the level of sophistication that can be achieved with a gaming controller.

  • 10 They target mainstream audience

    Mobile games are usually designed to target mainstream audience, and as a result, they strip many of the components that make a PC game or a console game great.