Why Mobile Apps are dying

    Why Mobile Apps are dying

  • 1 App download is slowing down

    According to a study published by an App analytics companyApp downloading for the major Apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp is slowing down fast. The study suggest that App downloads in the US was reduced by 20% in 2016 compared to 2015 for 15 major apps.

  • 2 Some people don't download new Apps

    According to the same study most users in the united states download zero apps per month. Most people have the apps they need and they rarely search for a new one.

  • 3 The market has matured

    According to some analysts the App market has matured and will no longer grow with the same numbers it used to grow with when it started in 2008 and in the years that followed.

  • 4 People have the apps they need

    People right now seem to have all the apps they need and they even uninstall some of the Apps they already have

  • 5 App loyalty is very low

    A very large number of Apps fail because of reasons related to loyalty. Many people aren't that loyal to Apps and they might uninstall them anytime unless they are one of the big Apps.

  • 6 Progressive web apps

    Google announced a new type of Apps called progressive web apps. progressive web apps are Apps that can be used through the browser by visiting a link. Some people predict that those Apps will eliminate the need for native apps.

  • 7 Moving to web apps

    Many people predict that most apps will be hosted on the web and accessed through a browser. The ease of accessing such an App vs having to download it might favor web Apps over native apps.

  • 8 The process of downloading is long

    Many people find the process of searching and downloading an App long and time consuming. This make many people reluctant to looking for new Apps.

  • 9 The App market got crowded

    As the App market grew big it became crowded and it became harder for a native App to compete with the already existing Apps.

  • 10 Functions moving to mobile home Screen

    Major developers such as Apple and Google are moving many of the functionalities of Apps to the main screens of their phones. This move made people less likely to visit the apps they have.

  • 11 They could be replaced by search

    The fact that a person has to visit a specific App to do each task is annoying. Some people predict that mobile phones will have some kind of a search that allows people to get the function they want fast.