Why Facebook is bad for relationships

  • 1 It can cause jealousy

    Facebook can cause jealousy in relationships due to the partners' friends or the posts they publish. 

  • 2 They spend too much time on it

    In some cases, Facebook can cause relationship problems if a person spends too much time on it and neglects their partner. 

  • 3 It publicizes their personal life

    Some people don't like having their personal life publicized on social media, which can cause problems if someone likes to regularly update their profile on Facebook. 

  • 4 It makes reaching people easy

    Facebook eases the process of finding certain people on Facebook, which could cause problems if one of these people is an ex-partner. 

  • 5 It causes miscommunication

    Not everyone knows how to communicate on social media. This could cause relationship problems when someone doesn't know what to reply with to a nice comment.  

  • 6 It could lead to affairs

    Some people believe Facebook can lead to affairs due to the easiness of accepting a friend request and having them on their profile, which could escalate into a romantic fling. 

  • 7 It can ruin intimacy

    Checking Facebook before going to bed can have a bad effect on intimacy between partners. 

  • 8 It can easily influence a person

    Due to the increase of posts that talk about relationships and love, some couples might get influenced by them, which could have a bad effect on the relationship.

  • 9 It can cause obsession

    Some people become too obsessed with their partner to the extent that they regularly stalk them on their social media accounts, including Facebook.

  • 10 It shows their online status

    There is no option to hide your status on Facebook, which could cause problems when someone wants some alone time away from their partner. 

  • 11 It makes moving on hard

    Moving on after a break up can be made difficult if the ex-partner keeps uploading pictures and sharing posts. 

  • 12 It allows people to interfere

    Some people hate announcing that they're in a relationship on Facebook due to the people who might interfere and impose on them on social media and in real life.