Why Facebook app crashes

  • 1 It needs to be updated

    If your Facebook app keeps crashing, this could mean that it's outdated and needs to be updated. 

  • 2 The phone is old

    If your phone is an old model, many apps, including Facebook can keep crashing. 

  • 3 The phone has no space

    If your phone's storage is full, this can impact many apps, including Facebook. 

  • 4 It needs to be reinstalled

    Sometimes the problem of crashing is due to the app needing to be deleted and reinstalled. 

  • 5 There's a bug in the app

    If the app has a bug, it can cause it to crash until it's fixed by the developers. 

  • 6 Too many apps open

    In some cases, having too many apps open and running in the background can lead to apps crashing. 

  • 7 Phone needs to be updated

    If your phone's software is not updated to the latest version, it can lead to performance problems. 

  • 8 Apps are conflicting

    In some cases, certain apps can conflict with Facebook and cause it to crash. Removing recently installed apps may fix the problem. 

  • 9 The phone needs to be restarted

    In some cases, apps may have performance problems when the phone needs to be restarted. 

  • 10 Due to network problems

    An app might crash when it's unable to deal with frequent network changes such as going in an out of connection areas. 

  • 11 Cache needs to be cleared

    In some cases, apps may become too heavy and result in its crashing when the cache needs to be cleared. 

  • 12 Due to force stopping it

    Force stopping an app can result in performance problems such as frequent crashing.