Why Crossfit is bad for you

    Why Crossfit is bad for you

  • 1 High possibility of injury

    Crossfit is based on the concept that exercises should be completed within a specific time frame. Under this pressure many moves can be done incorrectly. The fact that some moves can result in serious injuries if not done properly increases the likelihood of injuries.

  • 2 Inexperienced trainers

    Getting certified as a crossfit trainer doesn't take much time. This resulted in allowing many inexperienced people to become trainers. As a result, many people might get wrong instructions and end up getting injured. 

  • 3 Lack of rest leads to injuries

    Many of the lifting movements done in Crossfit are some of the actual movements power lifters do. Those movements subject the muscles to high stress, which is why adequate rest is needed between them. Without this rest the chances of injury become high.

  • 4 Olympic lifts shouldn't be done over and over

    Olympic lifts shouldn't be done in high reps, for this can increase the possibility of injury. Those lifts require a lot of technicality and can't be turned into a cardio exercise while maintaining the athlete's safety. See why exercising with the air conditioner on is a bad idea.

  • 5 It is expensive

    In many cases, getting Crossfit training isn't cheap. Because Crossfit is over-hyped, signing up for it can be expensive. See why did Crossfit become popular.

  • 6 People are pushed beyond their limits

    Because a Crossfit class usually involves a big number of people, many of those people try to keep up with others even if they are feeling sore or tired. This kind of peer pressure increases the chances of injury.

  • 7 Might cause rhabdomyolysis

    Excessive exercise can cause rhabdomyolysis, a kidney condition where the breakdown of muscle cells and myoglobin, the biproduct of muscle fiber, is released in the blood, thus damaging the kidney.

  • 8 Pain is encouraged

    The culture of Crossfit highlights pain as a good thing. An athlete is encouraged to continue even when his muscles hurt. This kind of culture can result in many injuries.

  • 9 Doubts about benifits

    There is still not enough data to confirm whether such intense workouts can have real benefits or not.

  • 10 Shoulder and spine injuries

    According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, out of 132 people who got surveyed 97 got injured because of Crossfit. Most injuries involved shoulder and spine injuries.