Why Agar.io is bad for you

    Why Agar.io is bad for you

  • 1 The game is very addictive

    Agar.IO targets the reptilian brain directly. The game is all about survival and so players get very annoyed when they lose. This can lead to serious addiction. See why Agar.io is addictive.

  • 2 Extremely frustrating

    Agar.io can result in extreme frustration, as the person loses after reaching a very high mass/score. This extreme frustration can further fuel the addictive behavior.

  • 3 It can lead to rage

    Agar.io is one of the games that could easily lead to rage due to the extreme amount of frustration it causes. Players can thus get very angry after losing. See why do Gamers get angry.

  • 4 It can cause aggression

    Agar.io can fuel people's aggression and their desire to seek revenge. If those feelings are not released in the game then the person might get affected by them in real life.

  • 5 It wastes a lot of time

    Agario can result in wasting a lot of time since a single game might take long and the player might keep starting over and over as a result of frustration.

  • 6 The game is endless

    Players play Agario for the thrill. They do it to grow their masses, eat other players and reach a top score. The game is thus endless and the addiction to it can remain for a very long period of time.

  • 7 It can teach unethical values

    Players can learn to deceive others, betray them or act like friends then suddenly attack them. All of those unethical values can be learned from the game as the players watch others doing them.

  • 8 Might contain inappropriate words

    Since any player can give themselves any name without supervision, people might use inappropriate words. The game could thus be bad for children.