Why Ads on Mobile Apps are annoying

  • 1 The mobile screen is too small

    Compared to a desktop PC the screen of any mobile phone is too small. This forces the ad to take a significant portion of the screen and thus make the user experience more annoying.

  • 2 Most people hate to wait for timed ads

    Timed Ads, usually showing in games, were found to be annoying by most users. Humans are impatient by nature and waiting for an ad to finish is considered frustrating to most users.

  • 3 Users don't use phones to see ads

    Mobile ads get in the way of user's actions while he uses the phone. Users are irritated because ads are perceived as an obstacle on a path to the user's goal.

  • 4 They increase cognitive load

    Cognitive load, or the amount of effort the brain does to process something, is increased when Apps are more cluttered, See also why we started Speeli.

  • 5 They ruin the interface

    Because Ad publishers have little control on the ads they display they usually can't change their looks or shape. Many ads can ruin the shape of the App's interface.

  • 6 They frustrate people

    When a user sees an ad instead of being able to see content or browse a game he gets frustrated.

  • 7 Many Smartphones still have weak processors

    Many smart phones still don't have enough processing power. Ads , specially on Game Apps, can slow down the execution of the App, See why many people love iPhones.

  • 8 They are risky

    Mobile lead can , in some cases, lead to the installation of viruses and malware.

  • 9 Clicking by mistake wastes a lot of time

    When a person clicks on an Ad by mistake he wastes a lot of time until he clicks back and returns to what he was doing, See why most people want everything fast.

  • 10 Report : App ads are more annoying than TV ads

    According to a report published by research firm Forrester Research 70% of the consumers find mobile Ads on Apps more annoying than TV Ads.