Do marketing details make a difference?

    Do marketing details make a difference?

  • 1 Yes, details do make a difference

    It's estimated that a person is exposed to 3,000 to 10,000 ads, logos, slogans, marketing campaigns, suggestions from friends that shift the bias, and other marketing messages daily. In order to stand out, marketing must pay attention to details in order to achieve better results.

  • 2 Empiricism and heuristics

    Marketing campaigns usually start with some heuristic predictions that should be finalized with empirical, hard facts. Thinking that the clients prefer the color green over all the other colors is not the same as proving it.

  • 3 Human faces and eyes

    When a human face is present in an ad, people are more inclined to look at it. The focus is especially on the eyes. When a face is not present, the focus scatters around and is likely to break off totally. An example for the Volkswagen-2013 Super Bowl ad can be seen here:

  • 4 People make ads better

    For evolutionary and psychological reasons, people have the need to connect with or notice other members of their species. These are the reasons we tend to focus more on other people in our surroundings. The presence of another person increases the chances of the ad being noticed.

  • 5 Having all the right ingredients still might not be good enough (baby ad example)

    For example, ads for baby diapers include pictures of cute babies which in turn increase oxytocin, the bonding hormone, in the viewer. Theoretically, this should be a good but testing provided different answers. This caused people to look more at the babies faces and less at logos and ads' messages.

  • 6 The right way to use the right ingredients (baby ad example)

    Priorities should be determined. Does the ad sell baby diapers or babies? In order to shift the focus off the baby's face and onto diapers, there should be less emphasis on the baby. Instead of it looking directly at the viewer, the baby should look at the logo and accompanying ad text.

  • 7 Writing style matters

    Text written in prose format is less readily read than that text presented in bullet lists for example. Website visitor studies have shown how most of text written in prose is skipped and visitors only pause to read bulleted lists, bolded text, colored text, and other types of structured forms.

  • 8 Traveling ads example

    Traveling ads that mention how long the trip to the destination takes have an incredible 227% more effect (conversion from viewer to customer) than very similar ads without that information.

  • 9 Profiling the customer raises chances of doing business together

    Successfully profiling the customer reveal's his affinities. This can then be used to make a connection with the customer. For example, knowing that the customer likes football and commenting on last night's game with him will make him feel better which will reflect on your business deals.

  • 10 Welcoming on the doorstep increases sales

    A study was done which showed how a seller who welcomes his customers on the doorstep of his shop will have more sales than a seller who doesn't. If you have a website, the same effect can be accomplished by posting your photo on the main page.

  • 11 Invitation to sit down increases sales

    Providing the customer with a comfortable seat is a scientifically proven method to facilitate the conclusion of business.

  • 12 Offering sweets and drink increases sales

    The effect of reciprocity is the effect that occurs when a customer gets something for free and feels the need to return the favor with his purchase.

  • 13 Trying out the product increases the sales

    Trying out or touching the product invokes the feeling of possession and thus increases the chances of the customer buying the product.

  • 14 Male celebrities sell the most

    Ads that are endorsed by male celebrities generate 670% more sales than ads featuring female celebrities.

  • 15 Creative animations sell better

    Ads made as creative animations have 7% more sales than others.