What attracts mosquitoes to humans

    What attracts mosquitoes to humans

  • 1 They feed on human blood

    Female mosquitoes feed on human blood in order to produce their eggs. They don't consume blood directly but use it as a component to manufacture eggs.

  • 2 Lactic acid attracts them

    Some compounds, such as lactic acid, which is found in human sweat attracts mosquitoes to human skin. In one experiment, lactic acid attracted 90% of mosquitoes to humans.

  • 3 Your genes attract mosquitoes

    It's believed that genes play a role in attracting mosquitoes. In one experiment, identical twins got almost a similar number of mosquito bites. See why do flies land on people.

  • 4 Movement and heat attracts them

    Movement and body heat attracts mosquitoes as well.

  • 5 Higher skin cholesterol

    Higher levels of cholesterol of the skin was found to be among the factors that attract mosquitoes. This can lead to more mosquito bites.

  • 6 Excessive uric acid

    If your skin produces excessive uric acid, you are more likely to attract mosquitoes to you.

  • 7 The release of excess CO2

    It's believed that people who release a larger amount of CO2 are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

  • 8 Blood type O

    The blood type O is believed to attract mosquitoes more than other blood types.

  • 9 Alcohol drinkers

    Alcohol drinkers were found to be attractive for mosquitoes. The reason behind that is still unknown.

  • 10 Exercising attracts mosquitoes

    Exercising produces heat, sweat and lactic acid. This makes the person who exercises very attractive to mosquitoes. See why we find insects disgusting.

  • 11 Being overweight

    Being overweight or having a big body attracts mosquitoes. When a person's body is large, he releases more carbon dioxide and so attracts more mosquitoes.

  • 12 High concentrations of steroids

    People who have high concentrations of steroids on their skin are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

  • 13 The smell bacteria creates

    The Bacteria on our skin helps in releasing some chemicals that creates a scent that appeals to mosquitoes.

  • 14 Pregnant women

    Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women because they release as much as 21% more carbon dioxide in late pregnancy stages.