What Steve jobs did when he returned to Apple

    What Steve jobs did when he returned to Apple

  • 1 Made the branding message clearer

    In one video Steve Jobs talked about reviving the Apple brand and sending a clear message to consumers about Apple and it's core values.

  • 2 Ending the fight with Microsoft

    Steve Jobs made a deal with Bill Gates that ended all the lawsuits, ensured Microsoft will release Mac versions of Office and that they invest $150 Million in Apple.

  • 3 He turned Apple to Profit in a year

    After one year Apple posted the first profit since 1996.

  • 4 Introducing the iMac in 1998

    The iMac was the new generation of Apple's Mac which had a totally new design, didn't have a floppy drive and had a USB connector. The iMac pushed Apple's sales up.

  • 5 He killed many products

    Jobs wanted to focus on few great products instead of working of many mediocre ones. He narrowed down the product lines to few products.

  • 6 He launched the think Different campain

    Steve jobs launched the famous think different campaign when he returned. People received it well and Apple's share prices increased.

  • 7 Forced most of the old board to resign

    Jobs convinced most of the old board to resign and replaced them by some of his old friends such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, See how oracle started.

  • 8 Preventing employees from talking to press

    According to Macworld jobs created a policy that prevents employees from talking to press. This helped the company maintain an air of secrecy to its products and decisions.

  • 9 Stopped licencing the Mac OS

    When Jobs returned he cancelled the process of licencing the Mac OS to vendors who produced low quality copies of the Apple's machine using it licensed OS, See why Apple has very high quality standards.

  • 10 Getting rid of many employees

    The cut down on Apple's products forced the company to get rid of around 3000 employees, See why Steve Jobs used to fire people often.