15 Ways to use social proof on your website

    15 Ways to use social proof on your website

  • 1 Use a visit counter

    If your site gets a good number of page views, use a visit counter. Use it to count the number of page views, not the number of different visitors in order to get a bigger number. People usually trust sites that have lots of visits.

  • 2 Use Alexa rank plugin

    If your site has a good Alexa rank, you can use the Alexa rank plugin, which will display the popularity of your site compared to the internet. When people see that your site is popular they will trust it more (See is Alexa Rank accurate).

  • 3 Display the number of shares

    If your articles or pages get shared often, display a share counter to let people know that others are sharing your articles or pages. Almost all social networks come with versions of share buttons that include counters (See why people share stuff online).

  • 4 Display your Facebook page

    If you have a decent number of likes on your Facebook page, use the page plugin to display that number to your visitors. People usually assume that sites that have a large number of Facebook fans are popular ones.

  • 5 Use Testimonials

    Testimonials aren't just there to prove that your site isn't abandoned, but they are also known to increase sales and improve conversion rates. Use testimonials whenever you can.

  • 6 Display your number of customers

    If for example, if 2000 people bought your product then you could write something like 'Join more than 2000 people using (your product here)'. The number has to be convincing and reasonable in order to be effective.

  • 7 Display the number of your newsletter subscribers

    If you have a good number of subscribers in your newsletter then display that number. You can write something like 'more than 20,000 enjoy our newsletter'. This can increase conversion rates.

  • 8 Highlight any kind of press you have

    If a newspaper writes about your site, if you appear on TV or if you get any special coverage then you can display the logos of those entities preceded by the words 'As seen on'.

  • 9 Use a review system

    A review system can result in both positive and negative reviews but if most of the reviews are positive then people won't care about the negative ones and they will believe that your product or site is great.

  • 10 Display client logos

    If you have important or well known clients then display their logos and make it clear that those clients were happy users of your product/service.

  • 11 Twitter follower count

    If you have a good number of twitter followers then display the twitter counter plugin. Do the same if you have a large follower number on any other social network.

  • 12 Case studies

    Case studies can be a good method to show that people who used your products found them useful. They should be displayed on sales pages and are known to improve conversions.

  • 13 Endorsements

    If you can find someone to endorse your product or brand, people will trust it even more. You don't have to reach an A-class celebrity, even a local celebrity or a person who is barely known can help.

  • 14 Social ads

    Some social networks, such as Facebook, allow you to create ads that also mention the number of people who like your page. By doing so, people won't just see your ads but they will know that your brand is loved.

  • 15 Live tweets

    If your Brand gets mentioned often on twitter then embedding the live tweets plugin in your website might be a good idea. When a customer find that your brand gets mentioned often he will trust it more.