Video Summary : Trump: We have a problem with radical Muslims

    Video Summary : Trump: We have a problem with radical Muslims

  • 1 Greta : What do you think of Scott walker's dropping out

    Trump said that he is a nice guy and that he is a good governor. Trump said he wont ask Scott for endorsement because he , referring to himself, is a bit of an outsider. He also said that many of his own polls average 33% percent unlike the one Greta highlighted which only gave him 24%.

  • 2 Greta : Carson said he won't support a Muslim for presidency

    Trump said that he respects Carson and that he will be OK if someone won through elections after going through the process. He also said that there were some problems related to Muslims. See why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 3 Greta : Why is it such an issue?

    Trump said that people see acts of Terrorism everyday and they also hear about ISIS , which is not located in Sweden. Trump said that this problem must be solved quickly. See why do people support Trump.

  • 4 Greta : Do you see a difference between moderate Muslims and others?

    Trump said that he has many Muslim friends and they are great people. He also said that moderate Muslims are concerned about extremists as much as everyone is concerned about it. See also Donald Trump defends his remarks about Muslims.

  • 5 Greta : Why didn't you defend Obama when someone said he is a muslim

    Trump said that his job is not to defend the president. Trump said that he didn't say anything and yet it became a big story. See video Summary : Trump on the problem of Muslims.

  • 6 Greta : You said Fiorina is robotic

    Trump said that she keeps repeating the same statements over and over. He also said she did a horrible job when leading Lucent and HP and that HP is still suffering because of that. See why is Donald Trump famous.

  • 7 Greta : The Russian Military is in Syria, What would you do?

    Trump refused to be clear about the issue then said he will probably get along with Putin. He said that if Russia went inside Syria and knocked ISIS out that won't be a bad thing. Trump said he can't see more because he doesn't want his plans to be figured out.

  • 8 Greta : What would you say to the Pope if you had 15 minutes?

    Trump said he will mostly talk about religion then he will ask him about Global warming because he has seemed very interested in that topic recently. He also said that the pope have been more interested in politics recently. See why Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants.