Video Summary: Thin content with little or no added value - Matt Cutts

    Video Summary: Thin content with little or no added value - Matt Cutts

  • 1 Matt Cutts: Did you get a message about thin content?

    Matt said that some webmasters might have gotten a message from Google through Google webmaster tools telling them that they have thin content with no added value. Matt said he will explain in this video what exactly is meant by this message.

  • 2 Matt: Doorway pages are examples of thin content

    Matt said that all types of doorway pages, including pages with slightly different keywords, are considered spam. Matt gave an example of a site that made a different download page for each city. He said those pages looked very similar and so they are considered thin content.

  • 3 Matt: Thin affiliate pages are considered thin content

    Matt said that if your affiliate page doesn't add value such as giving valuable insights about the products you are promoting or comparing products to each other, then Google might consider it a thin content page. See qualities of a good site - Matt Cutts.

  • 4 Matt: Don't grab affiliate feeds and reuse them

    Matt said that affiliate feeds are easy to grab and use but they don't add value, as the page you are creating can hardly compete with the similar pages that did that as well. Matt was referring to the fact that Google cares the most about added value.

  • 5 Matt: Thin syndication is another example of thin content

    Matt said that sites that just grab articles from article sites just because they want a 500 word article about something are usually considered low quality sites. Matt said that scrapping a site or copying those articles directly will make your site not interesting to users.

  • 6 Matt: The penalty can apply to a part of your site or your entire site

    Matt Cutts said that Google might take action on a part of a site that has doorway pages, and it can also take an action on the whole site if most of the content is formed of doorway pages. See also unnatural links to your site.

  • 7 Matt: Did you add unique value?

    Matt said that you should ask yourself whether you added unique value. He said that unique value isn't about spinning an article or rewriting it, but it's all about adding something that you personally wrote. He said that Google is looking for original content, original insights or research.

  • 8 Matt: Make your site compelling

    Matt Said that making your site compelling and making sure that users want to bookmark it or come back to it is the key to creating useful pages.

  • 9 Matt: This is what you need to do if you got this message

    Matt said that you need to either remove the pages with thin content or add value to them one way or another. Matt said that you need to think from the perspective of the user to know exactly what users would want to find.