Twin peaks: the return (2017) finale explained

    Twin peaks: the return (2017) finale explained

  • 1 bob created doggie to be his doppelganger

    Bob thought that if evil cooper went back to the black lodge, bob can still use dougie as a doppelganger instead, and that's why he manufactured him. 

  • 2 Judy was discovered by major brigs before he Disappeared

    Judy/ jaw-day (an extreme negative force) was discovered by major brigs, and he, Gordon Cole and cooper were supposed to plan on finding it.  

  • 3 Sarah is Judy

    When cooper went to see philip jeffries, he gave him what the owl cave symbol resembled. The symbol turns into 3 numbers, 708, same number as sarah palmer's house. 

  • 4 Louara Resembles the white lodge

    Louara was created by the fireman, as a response to the creation of judy. which proves that the murder of Loaura palmer was an important step towards judy and the black lodge's plan on manifesting power over the white lodge.  

  • 5 Judy took control of sarah

    Laura's death left her mother grief-sticking and completely detached from reality which allowed judy to take control of her.  

  • 6 fireman helped cooper travel through time

    Cooper was able to travel through time, through the information that the fireman gave him in the pilot episode. The fireman told cooper not to forget two things Richard and Linda and those 3 numbers 430 (430 miles) where he found Laura after driving with Diane in the alternate reality.

  • 7 the black lodge's power was present in the alternate reality

    The woman that lived in The plamer's house said to cooper that she brought the house from a woman called treamont. Treatmont, was the, the magician that was first introduced to us in season2 with her grand son and then in the movie fire walk with me where she showed Laura the door to the black lodge