The guidelines for writing a Speeli article

    The guidelines for writing a Speeli article

  • 1 Make it brief

    Speeli is the Internet's summary. Don't add an intro, a footer a conclusion or a closing note. Make your article is direct, to the point and laser focused (See what is Speeli).

  • 2 Write in third person

    Write in third person. Don't use words such as 'i think', 'i believe' or 'in my opinion'. Instead use words such as 'It's believed', 'studies have shown','most people think'...etc.

  • 3 Make sure you know what you are writing about

    Speeli is not a place for shallow advice such as 'be nice','be confident', 'be thankful'..etc but it's a place that summarizes deep knowledge and principles into simple points that can easily be understood by anyone in seconds.

  • 4 Never copy directly from other sites

    While you can copy a phrase or quote a line, copying so many parts from another article will result in deleting the article.

  • 5 Make sure the article adds substantial value

    If the information in your article can easily be found in other articles then the speeli article will not be needed. We summarize information that can't easily be found and add them to articles that can be read fast (see also how to find ideas for Speeli articles).

  • 6 Avoid short titles

    'Treating depression' is a bad title. 'How to get over depression' is a good title. The more precise your title is the better it is.

  • 7 Don't describe your opinion

    You should not write an article with the title 'Why i like barrack Obama' but you can write a one that is called 'Why some people like Barack Obama' or 'Why some people don't like Barack Obama'.

  • 8 Don’t try to guess what’s in the reader’s mind

    People are different so don’t try to guess what’s in the reader’s mind. Saying something like “You will find this book very exciting” is wrong. The right way to say that would be “Some people find this book very exciting while others don’t”

  • 9 Avoid using copyrighted images

    Make sure the image you use for your article is not copyrighted.

  • 10 Don't use a title that assumes a certain point of view

    Using a title such as 'Why everyone loves Lionel Messi' is a wrong practice. The correct title would be 'Why some people love Lionel Messi'. Your title should not make an assumption about the reader's mind.

  • 11 Make sure your main picture is 800x400

    While you don't have to add an image to a Speeli article just make sure you stick to this rule in case you did. Make sure the main image you put in an article is 800 pixels wide and 400 pixels long. It's OK to add other sizes for images present in the article's body.

  • 12 Be Good & Give references

    Give a reference to the resource that helped you when possible. Be a good person.

  • 13 Write short sentences

    People like to know information fast. This point made you feel good. Right?

  • 14 Make your headlines very descriptive yet short

    Many people scan pages and don't actually read them. In order to help most people read your article fast the headline must be very descriptive of the point yet short enough not to force users to exert a lot of effort reading it.