The Walking Dead Summary - The Cell (Episode 3, season 7)

    The Walking Dead Summary - The Cell (Episode 3, season 7)

  • 1 Dwight plays music

    The show opens with Dwight playing music from a TV show. He then walks around as the music plays to make one very elaborate egg salad sandwich. 

  • 2 Daryl is locked

    Daryl is locked down in a cell. He is being tortured with the music that Dwight keeps playing to keep him from sleeping. Dwight takes him to the doctor then back to the cell. He feeds him dog food and Daryl eats it to stay alive.

  • 3 Dwight takes a job from Negan

    Dwight volunteers to take a job from Negan in which one of his friends. Meanwhile, Daryl tries to escape. The woman he saved with Dwight the previous season tells him to go back while he has the chance.

  • 4 Daryl finds a motorbike

    Daryl finds motorbikes and tries to steal one, but he is surrounded by Negan's men. Negan gets there and asks the men what their names are, and they all respond with 'Negan' then he turns to Daryl and tells him that he has a choice.

  • 5 Dwight finds his friend

    Dwight finds his friend who was just escaping a zombie. He forces him to go to Negan, but his friend stops midway and tells Dwight to shoot him. Dwight tells him that if he does that, he's going to torture all his friends. Eventually, when his friend starts walking, Dwight shoots him in sympathy.

  • 6 The torture continues

    Daryl is locked back in his cell after he received beating from Negan's men. Dwight continues to torture him with music. He even gives him a photograph of a headless Glenn after Negan killed him.

  • 7 Negan asks Daryl to join him

    Negan finally lets Daryl out and asks him what his name is. Negan explains how Dwight came to his service, having married his wife after killing her sister.

  • 8 Daryl responds

    Daryl responds to 'What is your name?' by 'Daryl' instead of 'Negan' to which Negan says that he has made his choice.